Attacking soccer drills

Attacking soccer drills focus on attacking and scoring. Our attacking drills will help your team build an explosive attack. These practice ideas are critical for becoming a successful attacking and scoring team.

These attacking drills for soccer drills will help your team's comfort level in the attacking 1/3 of the field and more importantly in front of the goal.

Soccer Crossing Drills

  1. Soccer Shooting Drill - Shooting in Traffic
    This soccer drill is a great shooting drill for teaching players how to shoot in traffic. This shooting soccer incorporates agility, dribbling, and shooting all in one. 
  2. 3 Player Passing Combination Drill
    This drill is a 3 player combination sequence that will help perfect passing, combination play, movement off the ball, and will help improve player’s fitness level. 
  3. Big Square - Little Square Dribbling Game
    This dribbling soccer drill is a fun dribbling game that focuses on dribbling and defending. Players should be encouraged to dribble with their head up and once they are given the command they should dribble with speed to beat the defenders. The kids love this soccer drill! 
  4. 2v1 to center goal
    This 2v1 soccer drill will focus on working together as a small group in order to beat a defender and go to goal. This game will force accuracy on passing towards the goal due to the restrected space surrounding the goal. 
  5. Passing Vision While Holding Possession
    This passing soccer drill is great for focusing on vision, getting the head up when looking for a pass. 
  6. 2v2 to Small Goals
    2v2's are great for teaching all aspects of small group and individual attacking and defending skills. On the attacking side 2v2 relies a lot on beating your defender and getting free and supporting your teammate for a pass. The defensive side of 2v2 focuses on 1st defender putting pressure on the player with the ball and the 2nd defender supporting the 1st defender. 
  7. 1v1 To Small Goals
    1v1's are great for teaching all aspects of individual attacking and defending skills. On the attacking side if focuses more on dribbling to beat the defender. Where the defensive side focuses on 1st defender and putting pressure on the player with the ball. 
  8. 1v1v1 Dribbling Attacking Drill
    This 1v1v1 attacking drill focuses on dribbling to beat an opponent. This is a great dribbling drill that is very competitive and great for a fitness training. 
  9. World Cup - Shooting Drill
    This shooting and finishing game is one of those soccer drills that you will want to have in your arsenal. This game is a very fun soccer drill that your kids will love playing. 
  10. 1v1 Dribble Multiple Goals
    This 1v1 dribbling to multiple goals is a great dribbling warm-up drill that focuses on beating an opponent and evading a defender. 

Soccer Drills

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